gimme some of these while I’m bored for once pls
1. selfie
I’ll post one after this

2. what would you name your future kids?
I love names that are typically common names.

3. do you miss anyone?
Indeed I do

4. what are you looking forward to?
I’m looking forward to seeing my friends tomorrow

5. is there anyone who can always make you smile?
Usually my friends or family. Whenever in down I usually turn to one of them.

6. is it hard for you to get over someone?
No, if they were meant to be in my life. They would be.

7. what was your life like last year?
It was so much different. It was just wow

8. have you ever cried because you were so annoyed?
This is like literally my life story

9. who did you last see in person?
My brother

10. are you good at hiding your feelings?
It depends, for the most part I am great at it.

11. are you listening to music right now?
I’m actually not listening to music at the moment.

12. what is something you want right now?
I wish summer was longer. That’d be wonderful.

13. how do you feel right now?
Ehh. I’m fine.

14. when was the last time someone of the opposite sex hugged you?
Yesterday actually

15. personality description
I’m an easygoing person. I like to think that I’m funny, I’m very shy until you get to know me; then I’m the best.

16. have you ever wanted to tell someone something but you didn’t?
All of the time.

17. opinion on insecurities.
Hey, everyone has one thing they’re insecure about, so who are we to judge.

18. do you miss how thing were a year ago?
Yes, I honestly would.

19. have you ever been to New York?
I live in New York ✌️

20. what is your favourite song at the moment?
Anything from years & years I’m vibing to them this week.

21. birthday?
March 4th

22. description of crush.
I don’t really have a crush to be honest. The guys I’m around kinda really suck.

23. fear(s)
I have so many it’s unreal. My anxiety levels are high so yeah…

24. height
5 foot 6 inches tall

25. role model
My mother, she is seriously one of the best people I know. She has her own charity and just wow she’s great. Also my dad. He’s really great.

26. idol(s)
Refer to the previous question.

27. things i hate
I really hate rude people. Also when people aren’t authentic.

28. i’ll love you if…
You’re kind and open minded. There’s nothing I love more than a person who is nonjudgemental. Oh and if you’re a musician 😍

29. favourite film(s)
I honestly don’t know, I love comedies and like literally anything sundance, or Tribeca films. (My goal is to produce a sundance film)

30. favourite tv show(s)
American horror story

31. 3 random facts
My eyes are like a deep brown color.
I love Frappés and iced coffee even though I’ve coffee makes me sick.
I cracked my phone about 3 weeks ago and I’m still using it. My choice.

32. are your friends mainly girls or guys?
Mainly girls, actually I think I have a good mix. But my really close friends are girls

33. something you want to learn
I want to learn how to play guitar

34. most embarrassing moment
I embarrass myself so much so I’m not sure.

35. favourite subject
I would say English but I get stuck with crap teachers.

36. 3 dreams you want to fulfill?
Write, direct and be the producer of my own sundance film.
Write for a newspaper
Meet my favourite bands.

37. favourite actor/actress
I really don’t have any favourites

38. favourite comedian(s)
Don’t really have one.

39. favourite sport(s)
I like martial arts and kick boxing. It’s all so wonderful

40. favourite memory
Any memory of my family traveling together.

41. relationship status

42. favourite book(s)
The giver
Fever 1793 

43. favourite song ever
Undercover Martyn

44. age you get mistaken for
Anywhere in the 20’s

45. how you found out about your idol
I don’t have idols

46. what my last text message says
That I received ’ Yeah same here who do u have 4 sap’
That I sent ‘Kinda. Gags’

47. turn ons
Nice teeth, hair, beards, strong hands, tall guys, if he’s funny, red head guys 😍, loves music, musicians.

48. turn offs
Rude, messy, unkept hair, nasty teeth, feet or nails.

49. where i want to be right now
I want to be in Toronto right now.

50. favourite picture of your idol

51. starsign

52. something i’m talented at
Writing, dancing, I’m able to play the flute and trumpet

53. 5 things that make me happy
-hanging out with my friends or family

54. something thats worrying me at the moment
Something that I really don’t want to talk about on a public forum like this until I find out.

55. tumblr friends
Hmmm, I have many so

56. favourite food(s)
I loveeeeee Mexican food

57. favourite animal(s)
Snow leopard

58. description of my best friend
I have quite a few,
But they’re funny, pretty, kind and caring, smart, thoughtful, we share common interest.

59. why i joined tumblr
I don’t know actually. I think it was because of my friend Cassie.

60. ask me anything you want
Something I’m proud of?

Three of my photos have been for sell at an art gallery and 2 of them sold. So that was pretty awesome.


I don’t wanna go to work. I don’t wanna grow up. I’m not going, I’m going to stay home and watch Mulan